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Kingdom Purpose Ministries of Waldorf MD

Kingdom Purpose Ministries of Waldorf MD

Non-Profit Organizations

About Us

Kingdom Purpose Ministries (KPM) of Waldorf Maryland is a 501c3 religious organization launched by Rev. Pamela Giles. The ministry serves local and distant communities; inside and outside of a brick-and-mortar.

KPM is not a ministry founded or ever serves on the basis of mere religion or Christian traditions but rather on the True Word of God for the distinct purpose of serving up spiritual gifts, graced by God, to the world to build God's Kingdom right here on earth.

KPM serves all who has a desire to know God and grow in the revelation of their purpose and perfect will of God. Our aim is to teach His Truths as we encourage Kingdom seeking for Kingdom building and His righteousness for an overflow of abundant and purposeful living.