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Wutavoice communications

Wutavoice communications

CommunicationsWoman-Owned Business

About Us

A voiceover communication company providing voice work for domestic and international companies.
As an award winning journalist and talk show host, Annette Coward knows how to tell a story. Now she takes the same passion off camera to lend her voice to an impressive list of clients. As the voice of authority doing corporate narration for the boardroom, or providing the caring, compassion voice of reason for healthcare and faith based organizations, Annette brings her years of experience in the media to your project.

"Everyone has a gift, but not everyone opens the package “

For as long as I can remember my voice has been my gift.. AND I OPENED THAT BOX!!!!

I channeled that gift as a Reporter, Anchor , Talk show Host and now Voice-over Artist. So how does a girl born in Barbados, raised in the suburbs of Chicago , who now lives in D.C. end up in the Voice-over industry?

Easy, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

From the camera man to my first voice over coach , I knew my voice had the power to transform...

I’ve delivered recording projects ranging from Informative Health First Awareness Commercials in my West Indian Tongue , set a Corporate tone for women of the year Intel recipients and shined a compassionate light on the need for E-learning tutorials for students in Africa.

Industry professionals describe my voice as trustworthy, believable, warm, approachable and authoritative. I believe everyone has the potential to live their dreams.

Allow my voice to bring your dream project alive!

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